Mentor-Mentees at ACR Convergence 2022

The 19th edition of the Mentor-Mentees meeting was organized as teleconference at the ACR Convergence with Nicola Dalbeth and Peter Grayson. The meetings gave mentees the opportunity to discuss possible career options, their research, and their involvement in EULAR with leaders in the field. The meeting was a great success and positive feedback has been recorded in video by mentees as well as mentors. Stay tuned with EMEUNET to see these videos!

EMEUNET Peer Mentoring Subcommittee

Merve Karapinar: “It was a pleasure to participate in a meeting with Dr. Grayson. He shared his influential and professional career with us. His recommendations will be a guide for me in terms of my academic career. This international and multidisciplinary meeting was excellent and kind. At the same time, I would like to thank EMEUNET for giving me the opportunity to attend and be a part of the meeting”

Juan Molina Collada: “It has been an absolute pleasure to participate in the last mentor-mentee meeting during ACR 2022 with Dr. Peter Grayson. Listening to Dr. Grayson’s research career was really inspiring. He shared with the mentees very useful tips for a successful professional career in rheumatology and guided us for future steps in achieving our goals in our respective fields. I also would like to congratulate EMEUNET for the brilliant organization of the meeting. I am looking forward to future mentor-mentee meetings”

Latika Gupta: “Kudos to EMEUNET for organising this phenomenal meeting with the youngest rockstar of rheumatology. It was profoundly insightful to hear of Peter’s life, career choices, motivation, and even the role of serendipity. The brief tete-a tete with mentors like Peter who inspire curiosity in young minds is bound to motivate the next generation of rheumatologists to scale new heights in science and academia.”

Shinji Izuka: “I would like to thank Dr. Peter Grayson and EMEUNET Peer Mentoring Subcommittee for giving me a great opportunity to think about my future career and plans. Dr. Grayson gave us practical advice that I have never heard before. I will try to get involved in new things and areas without fear. Sharing our thoughts and concerns about our careers with colleagues also encouraged me to proceed with my research. I look forward to future EMEUNET events.” 

Silvia Piantoni:“A special thanks to our mentors Dr. Grayson and Professor Dalbeth for their availability for these meetings. They created a special link with young colleagues because they talked about scientific projects but also about their personal lives as scientists. It’s always inspiring and encouraging for our future. Thanks to their history I have understood that the postdoc phase of career can be challenging but also full of possibility”.

Tue Kragstrup: “Attending the mentor-mentee meeting with Prof. Nicola Dalbeth was such a pleasure. It was very inspirational to hear her story and to learn how she made decisions in her career. Many great questions in the discussion and a nice and informal atmosphere.”

Fabian Proft: “Having the chance to hear about the scientific development of an world leading expert like Prof. Nicola Dalbeth is in Crystal induced arthritis, was an inspiring and really motivating experience! I am thankful to her for taking the time and sharing her personal experiences with us, what was an invaluable opportunity for us early career researchers. Furthermore, I want to thank EMEUNET for organizing those extraordinary meetings!”

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