ACR Highlights

We are delighted to present to you our new issue of EMEUNEWS, covering the main highlights from the recent ACR Convergence 2022 annual meeting.

This year ACR Congress was held both online and in person. It was a very productive event, including outstanding opportunities for rheumatology education and networking both in person and through the screen.

In this issue, we provide a selection of oral presentations and posters from the various clinical and research areas of rheumatology. This selection is picked by EMEUNET Members and therefore subjective, but it provides a comprehensive overview of hot topics that were discussed in each area. We have also included details of the events organized by EMEUNET, including the EMEUNET Networking event, the EMEUNET eMentor-Mentee meetings and the EMEUNET Top 10 abstracts selection.

EMEUNET is immensely active in social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and maintains its original website and robust visibility in major rheumatology scientific events, thanks to the support of different Sub-Committees. If this is your first contact with EMEUNET, we kindly invite you to explore more and join us. If you are already part of our community, we kindly remind you to spread the word about our activities and work to reach more young rheumatologists and researchers.

We hope that you enjoy reading this newsletter and would be happy to receive any comments or contributions for the future.

Renaud Felten and Diego Benavent, on behalf of the Newsletter Sub-Committee


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