The aim of the Education Sub-committee is to improve the clinical and scientific knowledge among young rheumatologists and researchers (trainees and specialists included, aged 40 years and under), working in the field of rheumatology in Europe and beyond.

When EMEUNET started its activities, a large online survey of over 700 participants was used to assess the educational needs of young rheumatologists and researchers.

The Education Sub-committee was formed to meet these needs, by providing information about existing educational programs and funding opportunities (by EULAR and other organizations), as well as developing new educational opportunities.

Over the past years, EMEUNET has expanded and is now engaged in several educational activities, in conjunction with EULAR’s Committees. 

Having a large group of young rheumatologist and researchers (over 2,000 members), we are able to provide valuable information (via the means of online surveys and direct contacts with members in different countries), in order to tailor the educational content from EULAR to the Needs of young rheumatologists and researchers.


WIN: We have posted more than 80 unique contributions from more than 12 enthusiastic emeunet members. We use now a new format that is helping us engage with more people around the globe.

Podcast: The official WIN podcast is about to be  released. This is a new format that will include an interview with authors from one of the WIN selected articles. Our community will be able to participate as we will give them the opportunity to share their questions with us (and thus the invited author).

Ambassador program @ EULAR Congress: We are delighted to announce that we are working close with EULAR in the planning of the ambassador program. More information will be available soon.

Eular task forces: We launched 3 calls where our members were able to apply to participate in different taskforces. We received more than 80 applications! We are proud to announce that 6 lucky and deserving EMEUNET members will represent our community in the development of these important taskforces.

Leader: Luis Fernando Perez

Luis Fernando is a rheumatologist and a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His major interests is Reproductive Rheumatology, with a specific interest on the male perspective. He is participating in the development of national and international guidelines on the use of immunosuppressive treatment in female and male patients diagnosed with rheumatic diseases before conception, during pregnancy and during lactation.


Elise van Mulligen
Pierre Antoine Juge
Maria Sokolova
Gizem Ayan
Arani Vivekanantham
Philipp Bosch
Vincenzo Venerito
Tsvetoslav Georgiev

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