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EMEUNET EULAR ‘Do Not Miss’ issue

Dear young rheumatologists and researchers,

We are delighted to present to you a new issue of EMEUNEWS, focusing on a selection of abstracts, sessions, and events not to be missed at the EULAR 2023 Congress.

Every year the EULAR congress represents a unique opportunity to learn about different fields of Rheumatology. During 4 days, specialists from various areas meet with the aim of learning, sharing experiences, and creating links for future collaborative work. This year, and for the first time, the congress is hosted by the beautiful city of Milan!

In this newsletter, we provide you with a selection of oral presentations and posters, thoughtfully picked by our contributors, that we consider noteworthy. The most interesting abstracts for each section (in the opinion of the contributors) are selected. Although the abstracts represent a personal and inevitably limited selection from the vast amount of information to be presented, our selections will provide some inspiration to attendees.

In addition, this Newsletter contains details about EMEUNET events organised during the event. As always, EMEUNET will be active on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, during the Congress.

We wish you a prolific and successful EULAR 2023 Congress. Looking forward to meeting you in Milan!

Juan C Sarmiento and Diego Benavent,

on behalf of the EMEUNET Newsletter Sub-Committee

with the contribution of all the collaborators and the invaluable support of our NL SC editors:


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