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We are pleased to introduce the 2023 edition of EMEUNEWS, your indispensable guide to key abstracts, sessions, and events at the forthcoming ACR CONVERGENCE 2023 in San Diego.

Acknowledging the diverse needs of our global community, ACR 2023 provides a range of registration options to optimize your conference experience. These include in-person attendance, online access, and on-demand passes, allowing you to engage with the scientific content in a manner most convenient to you.

This issue features a carefully curated selection of oral presentations and poster summaries to steer your focus toward the most impactful scientific contributions. For ease of reference, abstracts of particular notes are highlighted in bold typeface.

While our selections offer a nuanced, albeit limited, overview of the expansive scientific content, we trust they will serve as a resourceful guide for conference participants.

Additionally, this edition outlines EMEUNET’s planned activities throughout the congress, complemented by our ongoing presence on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to facilitate continuous dialogue.

We anticipate a rewarding ACR 2023 and eagerly look forward to engaging with you in San Diego, online, or through our on-demand offerings.

Best wishes,

Juan C Sarmiento and Diego Benavent, on behalf of the Newsletter Sub-Committee

…with the dedicated collaboration of the NL SC Editors:


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