The EMEUNET Chairmanship 2023 – 2024


Kim is a rheumatology consultant and senior clinical associate at the Geneva University Hospitals in Switzerland and a clinical research fellow at the Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis at the University of Manchester in the UK. Her research focuses on rheumatoid arthritis, (pharmaco)-epidemiology, real-life evidence and methodology of observational studies. Kim is the Chair of EMEUNET.


Tue is currently working as a part time Associate Professor in immunology and pharmacology and a part time rheumatology fellow in Aarhus, Denmark. Tue was previously Danish Country Liaison, Working Group member and Education Sub-Committee leader. Tue is the EULAR EMEUNET Committee Chair-Elect.

EMEUNET is the largest network of young clinicians and researchers in the field of rheumatology in Europe. The main objectives of EMEUNET are to promote top quality education and mentoring and foster research collaborations among emerging rheumatologists and researchers. None of these objectives could be fulfilled without the work and enthusiasm of the people involved in the 6 Sub-Committees that form EMEUNET: Education, Peer Mentoring, Newsletters, Social Media, Visibility & Global Affairs and Country Liaisons. EMEUNET Sub-Committees are engaged in several activities and the list of current and upcoming projects has been expanded over the past few months. With all the initiatives and activities presented in this Newsletter, we hope that EMEUNET will continue to be embraced by the young rheumatology community, and more and more young clinicians and researchers in rheumatology will become involved in education, research and EULAR. This will render EMEUNET a successful and influential resource that fosters new and long-term collaborative endeavours and ensures that excellence in European rheumatology and EULAR is maintained. Last year we developed new SOPs for selection of new Subcommittee members, new Committee members and new Chair to keep this process open and transparent. Please consider applying to become Subcommittee member. We need your organizational skills!

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