The EMEUNET Newsletter Sub-Committee has a goal of spreading all the information that is considered useful to young rheumatologists and researchers in our community.

Every year, up to 11 newsletters are released, bringing the freshest news to the EMEUNET, covering all EMEUNET activities (e.g. introducing all Sub-Committee Members, Country Liaisons, and by presenting the various activities of the EMEUNET Sub-Committes). EMEUNEWS also covers major rheumatology meetings (ACR and EULAR), with the selections of Do Not Miss abstracts and the Highlights of abstracts and activities. The theme of the Special issue varies on an annual basis. In collaboration with EULAR, EMEUNET has established a Press Review newsletter. These issues are published every 4 months and provide an overview of the recently published papers in the area of rheumatology. All newsletters also provide information on upcoming educational events, courses, grant opportunities and other new initiatives.

In the NL Sub-Committee, we have recently moved our newsletter to a more engaging and user-friendly WordPress platform. This change allows us to create a more dynamic and interactive experience for our readers, who can now easily navigate through our content, view images and videos, and participate in discussions. Besides, it provides us with greater flexibility to customize the design and layout of our newsletter, as well as to incorporate social media links and other interactive features. We believe that this change will help us to better engage with our audience, increase participation, and ultimately, improve knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Over the years, the newsletters have become an important activity of EMEUNET. They are an essential part of the “voice” of EMEUNET, promoting EMEUNET visibility and engaging the community. Together, we can continue to build a dynamic and supportive network of young rheumatologists and researchers that will make a meaningful impact on the field of rheumatology for years to come.


EMEUNET Newsletters are published monthly to provide the overview of EMEUNET activities, to highlight the most emerging publications in the sphere of rheumatology and to provide the coverage of the biggest events (EULAR and ACR annual Congresses). The Newsletters are distributed by email mass-mailing to all EMEUNET registered members and also advertised on EMEUNET Social Media. Every Sub-Committee member is responsible for coordinating at least 1 Newsletter per year. Currently, editorials of the Newsletter are available to everyone, access to full text requires registration.

EMEUNET strives to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among peers. As part of this effort, we have recently moved our newsletter from a traditional power point format to a more engaging and user-friendly WordPress platform. As the new platform provides us with enhanced capabilities to communicate and engage with our audience, we are excited to explore the possibilities of this new format and to continue building upon the success of our past newsletters. We hope that the new platform will help us to further strengthen the sense of community among young rheumatologists and to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration across borders. We invite our readers to join us on this journey and to provide us with feedback and suggestions to make our newsletter an even more valuable resource for the EMEUNET community.

LEADER: Diego Benavent

Diego is a consultant rheumatologist in Hospital La Paz, in Madrid. Besides, he works in Savana, a company dedicated to artificial intelligence in research.

His major research interests include spondyloarthritis, artificial intelligence and outcomes research. Diego is an associate member of ASAS.


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