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The aim of the EMEUNET Social Media Sub-Committee is to spread all information concerning EMEUNET or ongoing activities of rheumatologic interest across different channels:

  • Website
  • E-mails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Podcast

The core of all EMEUNET-related information can be found on our website, The site has been online since June 2012, and has been expanding ever since. On our homepage, you can find announcements of interesting conferences, useful courses and exchange programmes, updates with information about registrations to conferences and bursaries, links to educational content and job offers.

However, the website is more than just an information channel. We prepare special educational content, such as “What is New” section according to disease and “Imaging quizzes” showing fascinating musculoskeletal images and associated diagnoses. Moreover, as a logged-in member, you are granted full access to the whole content of the website, including all Newsletters, contacts to EULAR Centers of Excellence, and the database of EMEUNET members. It is especially designed for the needs of young rheumatologists and researchers in the field of rheumatology, being the only webpage to collect and gather such a broad range of information about rheumatology worldwide!​


As an EMEUNET member, you will receive regular e-mail updates (job offers, courses, and many more) and our EMEUNET Newsletters (Press Review, EULAR and ACR Do Not Miss and Highlights, among others). You will never miss an opportunity!​ Email us at

In 2014, we launched our EMEUNET Facebook and Twitter platforms to maximize contact with both members and non-members, providing quick up-to-date information to the rheumatology community. We recently also launched our EMEUNET Instagram account. Our main goals are promoting EMEUNET visibility and its goals, through reaching out to all rheumatologists and researchers in rheumatology across the world. Facebook and Twitter are readily accessible and very intuitive platforms, where you can follow all ongoing activities, deadlines, and projects while they are actively taking place!​

In October 2016, we also launched our profile on LinkedIn, to reach a broader audience, especially those who are not engaged in Twitter or Facebook. ​

In May 2015, we started the YouTube channel EMEUNET TUBE, wherein you can watch interviews with top-class rheumatologists, as well as short video introductions about our different Sub-Committees, to further explore EMEUNET. We are extending our video section constantly, hosting video interviews about research topics and top papers in the field and newsletter editorials. Also, if you are not sure whether you are interested in our popular Mentor-Mentee meetings, you can find video reports about these events there.​

In February 2020, in collaboration with the Education Sub-Committee, we launched the EMEUNET Podcast channel, where you can listen to recently published scientific news and interviews with high-level rheumatologists. We are constantly updating and enriching our audio section, to allow all colleagues to stay updated even in a simple and functional way. You can find us on major podcast platforms, including Spotify!

To keep it simple….​
Our ultimate goal is to set the grounds for the key concept of EMEUNET: to keep every young rheumatologist in the world informed and involved in educational, clinical, and research activities. ​
If you have any information you think might be interesting for us to publish, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of our Social Media platforms or by email (​
We are always happy to receive any comments/suggestions you may have!​

Co-LEADERS: Lianne Kearsley-Fleet and Mrinalini Dey

Lianne is an epidemiologist working at The University of Manchester, UK. Her research focus is safety and effectiveness of biologic therapies for use in children and adults with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. She is particularly interested in young adults with rheumatic diseases and their long-term outcomes.

Mrinalini is is an academic rheumatology trainee in London, UK. She has a research interest in epidemiology, comorbidities and infection in rheumatic diseases.


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Dalifer Freites Nunez
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Emre Bilgin
Halbert Hernandez Negrin
Jean Guillaume Letarouilly
Latika Gupta
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