Country Liaison Activities 2022-2023

Our amazing EMEUNET Country Liaisons have been working tirelessly to promote the network and its activities in their respective countries. In this section, we want to give a shout-out to some of their awesome activities in promoting EMEUNET and engaging with young rheumatologists in their regions. We are truly grateful to all of our Country Liaisons for their dedication and hard work in advancing the network’s mission!

Myriam Reisch has been actively promoting EMEUNET in Austria through various initiatives. She participated in the ÖGR Summer School for young rheumatologists and the annual congress of the Austrian Society of Rheumatology, where she disseminated information on EMEUNET and its activities. She also shared updates on EMEUNET via social media. Myriam collaborated with a group of young rheumatologists to establish the JÖGR working group, a platform for young rheumatologists in Austria to promote networking, cooperation and share EMEUNET projects. The group’s focus is on improving the training conditions and facilitating the exchange among each other.

Aleksandra Opinc has been actively promoting EMEUNET in Poland by disseminating information to young rheumatologists in the country. Along with Magdalena Włoch-Targońska, Head of the Section of Young Rheumatologists of the Polish Rheumatology Society, she prepared an article on the main activities of EMEUNET and the Section of Young Rheumatologists of the Polish Rheumatology Society, encouraging young rheumatologists to join both structures. The article was published in the leading Polish journal in rheumatology, “Reumatologia”. It was also shared on social media to increase its reach among Polish rheumatology residents.

Nino Gobejishvili, Chair of the Georgian Young Rheumatologists Union (SARG), has been actively involved in improving SARG’s scientific prospects and promoting EMEUNET in Georgia. She launched the EULAR-initiated campaigns “Don’t Delay, Connect Today” and “Time2Work” in Georgia, and shared updates on these campaigns via social media. Nino has also been collaborating with the Georgian Rheumatology Society to organize events and meetings for young rheumatologists in the country. Her efforts have helped to increase awareness of EMEUNET and its activities among young rheumatologists in Georgia.

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