Country Liaison Clinical Topics Webinar Series

Last year we launched the “Country Liaison Clinical Topics Webinar Series”, a new EMEUNET project aimed to generate useful content in the form of webinars around clinical subjects lead by speakers from different EMEUNET countries.

Our EMEUNET Country Liaisons from France, Switzerland and Turkey successfully moderated the first 3 webinars with very good feedback: 79 attendees in total. On top of this, 91% of the attendees rated the webinar sessions as excellent or good!

We are moving forward with other interesting topics from other EMEUNET countries. Join us for the next webinar which will be organized by Italy, the host for the EULAR Congress this year!  

Date EMEUNET Country Liaison/
Speaker Topic title
11 May 2022Dr Jean – Guillaume LetarouillyProf. Claire DaienNutrition in Chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases
1 December 2022Dr Muriel ElhaiProf. 
Oliver Distler
Management of interstitial lung disease in systemic sclerosis
8 March 2023Dr Ufuk İlgenProf. Hasan YazıcıDisease classification vs diagnosis criteria: What to do about a chronic problem?
17 May 2023Dr Emanuele Bozzalla CassioneProf. Serena BugattiPatient reported outcomes in inflammatory arthritis

Snapshot of the webinar by Prof Oliver Distler, moderated by Dr Muriel Elhai

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