The 9th Country Liaison meeting at EULAR 2022

Every year, during the EULAR congress, the EMEUNET Country Liaisons Meeting takes place. It represents a unique opportunity for the Country Liaisons, who are the EMEUNET representatives in the European countries, to meet with the EMEUNET Working Group members. 

The meeting featured a presentation of the highlights from 2021-2022, with a special emphasis on the national-level activities planned by the Country Liaisons and the promotion of EMEUNET on social media by the national rheumatological societies. The results of some recent initiatives of the Country Liaisons subcommittee were reported, including the online migration of the advertising materials and the release of the first pilot episode of the Country Liaison Clinical Webinars Series. Additionally, fresh approaches to collaborate more effectively with the EMEUNET community were suggested and discussed

The Country Liaisons are crucial to EMEUNET’s network expansion as they provide vital input. Meeting our Country Liaisons in person, hearing about their experiences, and witnessing their efforts to promote EMEUNET were all a pleasure. We would like to thank all Country Liaisons and the subcommittee members who participated in the meeting for their dedication and time!

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