Proposal for a new Country Liaison structure

The EMEUNET committee has proposed a new streamlined Country Liaison (CL) program, which aims to provide equal opportunities for national rheumatology communities to connect and be active in EMEUNET. The proposed program consists of a pair of CLs, a Senior and a Junior, where the Senior CL would be selected based on their experience as either a previous CL member or a member of the EMEUNET Sub-Committee. They would mentor the Junior CL, represent the country in CL SC meetings, organize nationwide activities, and participate in the selection of the next Junior CL. The Junior CL would have the executive duties, including disseminating EMEUNET information, promoting EMEUNET within their country, and providing feedback and suggestions to the EMEUNET committee. The proposed scheme leverages the experience of the Senior CL while providing support to the Junior CL in their new role.

To ensure a smooth transition between Junior and Senior CLs, the proposed program includes a rotation plan where the Junior CL would hold the position for three years and then be given the opportunity to advance to the Senior CL position. If the current Senior CL wishes to remain in their position, they may do so, unless the Junior CL expresses a desire to assume the Senior role after completing their term. This approach would allow the Junior CL to gain recognition through the dissemination of materials and activities while providing sufficient time and mentoring to plan and implement all activities and networking opportunities for the rheumatology community.

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Initially, the proposed mechanism will be piloted in a select few larger countries for a trial period of one year. If proven successful, the program will be implemented more broadly across all countries. Keep tuned if you think this would work in your country!

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